Nubrazil defines itself as much more than just a swimwear brand

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By combining these values, we want to create a company that goes beyond a simple swimwear brand, and that inspires and positively impacts the lives of women by encouraging them to love themselves, take risks and pursue their dreams.

Cultural authenticity

Nubrazil draws its inspiration directly from Brazilian culture, offering creations that reflect the very essence of Brazil. The patterns, cuts and details of Nubrazil swimwear capture the vibrant energy and palpable passion of the country.

Commitment to Women's Empowerment

We promotes the emancipation and empowerment of women.

By working with small Brazilian women-owned businesses, the brand actively supports women's economic independence and contributes to their development.

Self-confidence approach

Our Brand places self-confidence at the heart of its brand. Swimwear is designed to showcase women's natural beauty and to encourage them to embrace their bodies and their individuality.

Nubrazil provides a space where women can feel comfortable, proud and confident.

Commitment to ethics and sustainability

We places great importance on ethics and sustainability. The brand uses quality materials and adopts responsible manufacturing practices to reduce its environmental impact. It aims to create durable products that last over time.