Romy Rossignol Founder

In creating Nubrazil, my goal is to share my personal journey and arm women with the unshakeable confidence to embrace their unique identity.

Raised by a solo mother, I always wanted to know my second half, I was constantly searching for my place in this world.

It was during my first trip to Brazil that I finally captured the fire that burns inside me, discovering my country of origin, its eclectic souls and its electrifying culture.

This experience ignited my inner revolution, propelling the creation of a swimwear brand that transcends clichés.

Nubrazil embodies the Brazilian/Carioca lifestyle, brimming with culture, vitality, audacity and determination.

I want to ignite the women of the world through my creations, to encourage them to assert themselves without excuses, to love themselves without compromise, and to trace their own destiny, with style.

"Nubrazil defines itself as much more than just a swimwear brand"

It embodies a true authentic and committed identity, which takes its place without apologizing. By emphasizing the empowerment of Brazilian women and placing self-confidence at the heart of its philosophy, Nubrazil encourages women to embrace their power and pride. At the same time, the brand takes a responsible approach to the environment, emphasizing sustainable manufacturing practices. Inspired by the cultural richness of Brazil.

Nubrazil merges sensuality and sensitivity to offer meaningful swimwear.