We want encourages solidarity and sisterhood among women. Nubrazil aspires to create a community of women who support each other, empower each other and propel each other to success.

Support Casa de Mulher Carioca: 15% of your purchase goes to charity.

100% of the money raised, will be donated in person.


"Having been through a toxic relationship myself, I understand the importance of helping women out of similar situations. I want to provide them with the necessary resources, training and support they need to thrive. I believe that every woman deserves to feel strong, independent and able to face any challenge that comes her way. I want to create a movement where no woman feels pressured to survive, but where they feel free to thrive and reach their full potential"

  • Casa da Mulher Carioca is configured as a space for the promotion of public policies for women with the objective of developing an environment of interaction, training and female empowerment with the application of effective strategies with a view to preventing situations of violence against women, exercise of citizenship and construction of autonomy

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